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candy factory07

 lightning protection system Using a lightning rod head, brand ORBITAL, model ZERU

Installed on the roof, 6 meter high pole, 1 layer pull rope, bare copper wire number 95, threaded in 1 inch UPVC pipe.

candy factory01

Assembling the ORBITAL ZERU lightning rod head with the end of the pole which is a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe to prevent rust. Pull the sling to prevent falling from the force of the wind.

ORBITAL lightning rod head It sits on a 6 meter high pole. The base of the pole uses a stainless steel cone combined with PU to prevent water leakage. Equipment for holding poles, slings covered with PVC to prevent rust. and extend the lifespan

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candy factory05


Installation of the ground wire (Down Conductor) using bare copper wire No. 95 strung in 1-inch UPVC pipe.

candy factory04


Installation of test box for earth resistance value (Test Box)

candy factory02

Installation of the grounding system by using a 5/8 inch ground rod, 10 feet long.

Bare copper cable for electrical connection (Bonding Cable) size 95 and Exothermic Welding

candy factory03

Test, measure, read the resistance of the grounding system (Grounding system) with an earth tester (Earth Tester).


Early streamer emission (ESE) , หัวล่อฟ้า, Grounding system, Lightning Protection System (LPS), Air terminal rod, สายล่อฟ้า

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