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lightning-rod inspection work pak kret nonthaburi province

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Check the lightning rod head, brand LPI STORMASTER, model ESE60. The pole has a height of 8 meters and pulls the rope.

Wire size used Bare Copper 95

Upon inspection, it was found that there were burn marks at the end of the lightning rod. Check with special tools The lightning rod is still intact. and can use

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 pole - pole base

from physical examination Upright poles can be used, the support poles are under the roof and cannot be inspected.

Sling – Sling Holder

from physical examination Slings and grips are rusted.   Recommendation: Slings and grips should be replaced with new ones.

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Lightning counter brand LPI LSR1

from physical examination The complete device was tested with a specialized instrument and found that the count increased 1 time.

From the original number 5, there was an increase in the number. 6 (Quality Inspection Procedure)

Resistance Test Box (Test Box)

from physical examination complete internal equipment The connection point does not rust. can use

lead to ground

from inspection Ground the cable with the FLUKE 2042T Cable Locator. can use

เมืองทอง 105

Ground resistance value

from inspection Performed a test to measure the resistance of the grounding system. The reading was 20.8 ohms, far exceeding the standard criteria.
Recommendations: It is necessary to improve the grounding system to achieve a value that does not exceed the 5 ohm standard.





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