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Acon Plus Company Limited

Manufacturer, importer, procurement, distribution and installation of electrical engineering works electronics and special projects as follows:

1. Lightning Protection System 

  • ESE Air Terminal : Early Streamer Emission Air terminal brands ABB, CPT Nimbus, LiVA, LPI and Forend.
  • Faraday cage & Franklin-rod Air Terminals kumwell, Topweld

2. Conductor cable 

  • Electrical cable THW VCT VAF NYY Bare copper wire, Copper tape Copper tape Tin plated copper tape for lightning protection.
  • Signal cable TV cable Camera cable RG6, RG59 UTP cable for LAN link cat6 cat5e Fiber Optic cable
  • Bangkok cable Bangkok cable thai yasaki thai yasaki fuller Fuhrer

3. Electrical ground system, factory ground, lightning ground, ground loop (Grounding system) 

  • Copper bond ground rod standard type (UL listed)
  • Pure copper ground rod Copper ground rod
  • Ground plate copper bonded steel
  • Ground plate solid copper
  • Chemical grounding pipe Type Copper pipe Stainless steel pipe Electrolytic grounding
  • One time welding powder Graphite mold graphite mold Weld metal powder for connection of grounding conductors Products of kumwell, Topweld, Acon plus

4. Test measuring instruments 

  • Digital Earth Tester Earth Ground Insulation Resistance Meter
  • Lightning strike counter

5. CCTV System 

  • AHD high definition analog camera system
  • IP Camera Digital Camera System
  • Panasonic, Hikvision, Acon Plus

6. Home burglar alarm system, key card door Access Control Key Card Access Control System Anti-theft wireless DSC, Soyal, HIB 

7. TOA Announcement System 

8. Fire Notifier System 

9. High-rise television system MATV Digital TV, satellite dish, PSI SAMART LEOTECH 

10. LAN Switch HUB POE WiFi ubiquiti 

11. Electrical equipment: LED bulbs, switches, plugs, solar cell systems and solar roofs 

Retail price - wholesale. Want to ask for price and product details.

Contact sales department Tel. 096-828-7555, 097-179-7533, 02-010-3955, 02-010-9360, 02-010-9370 

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