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LAP-DX-250 Radius protection lightning rod from...LiVA

LAP DX 250

LAP-DX-250 As at the time of writing in Thailand, the official sales representative of the sky-detector cannot be denied that This lightning rod has an extremely long protection radius. At the 3rd level of protection that most of them are considered, there are up to 135 meters, but the price is not as expensive as you think.

Made of stainless-steel material or stainless steel in addition to being beautiful, shiny, durable, very strong. It is important that clean surfaces have low electrical resistance. Good for use as a lightning conductor with electrical frequency properties that use the surface area of the conductor to transmit energy to the ground very quickly. The conductor's surface is easily rusted.

The size of the lightning rod tip has a radius as large as 2.3 cm in accordance with the requirements of TIS 1568 requiring that the rod made of stainless steel must have a diameter of not less than 8 mm. Capture terminal

The box contains the energy block, including the ionic tunnel, bottom mill, which is the same as the electrode tip. It is also made from stainless steel.

Conductor connection adapters in Thailand are installed differently from the country of manufacture by storing the cable inside the pole supporting the lightning conductor made of brass. Together with Super Lene or Nylon, the chemical name is Polyamide (PA6), a type of thermoplastic plastic. (Thermoplastic) that is resistant to very high temperatures, has a melting point of 180 - 200 degrees Celsius and has very good chemistry, making it less exposed to outside air, so it does not rust around the connector, resulting in good lightning energy conduction as well

The capacity of the lightning protection radius is calculated at a pole height of 6 m, which is most commonly used in the installation of LAP-DX-250 lightning arresters.

- Lightning protection level 1 is 115 meters.

- Lightning protection level 2 is 124 meters.

- Lightning protection level 3 is 135 meters.

- Lightning protection level 4 is 146 m.

 This means that we can use lightning arresters at all protection levels, only that at higher protection levels (1st protection is about 99% the best), the lightning arresters have a smaller radius compared to protection levels. The lower part of the LAP-DX-250 has a very long protection radius, making it suitable for use as a lightning conductor in large areas such as factories, solar farms, resorts, and golf courses. Schools, temples, which usually have a wide area as usual

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